Our Grand Avenue

A Grand Avenue Revival

A Grand Avenue Revival
Massachusetts Avenue Landscape History and Design Guide

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Discover the glamorous history of this iconic Grand Avenue. See in maps and pictures the principles of street design, including trees and landscape, that were realized on the western part of Mass Ave a century ago, realizing the era’s ideal of an “open air salon of the street.”

Our new booklet describes the urban design principles of L’Enfant, the Beaux Arts school and the City Beautiful Movement that made this street a glamorous international venue. A Grand Avenue Revival’s Part 1, with its evocative early photos and narrative, form the basis for Part 2, our 6-step landscape guide.

This book and online version received the DC 2015 Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation!  Don’t miss out on the trend to revive historic landscape in our city! Order your free print copy here.

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