Tree Care

Green Your Street

In cities trees struggle to grow. An alarming number of trees in sidewalks – known as “street trees” – die young or stop growing when less than fully grown. Over 10 years, Restore Mass Ave’s program kept more trees growing. So the area shaded by trees, or tree canopy, is expanding.  In 10 years in the area where we work tree canopy increased 13.2%!

Anyone can help a new tree get going

2209 Massachusetts Avenue, Paraguay Embassy, elm trees

RMA Treekeepers help a young elm tree in front of 2209 Mass Ave, the Paraguay Embassy.

Above, our volunteers pull away packed clay around a young elm

tree.  Once the soil at the tree base is loose and rich, the roots grow stronger.

So far Restore Mass Ave has arranged >360 new trees, from Casey Trees, the DC Urban Forestry Administration and others.  Our big planting events are on the Events Archive page.  We offer tree care workshops for volunteers, like the above. We advise owners of buildings along the street how to help trees grow.

Here are three ways you can “green” your street:

1. Plant and sustain a full row of street trees

2. Grow a second row of trees in the “parking”

3. Expand DC’s urban forest canopy & save energy

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