How You Can Help

What They are Saying

If you value trees, historic preservation and re-greening of neighborhoods your donation to Restore Mass Ave will advance your passion.

We are the only grassroots neighborhood organization solely dedicated to re-greening and reviving the historic landscape on Embassy Row; this part of Mass Ave is a major thoroughfare in the nation’s capital on which 30,000 vehicles travel daily, it is one of the few remaining – and the most iconic – Grand Avenue in the U.S.

We’ve accomplished much in a few years, but we couldn’t do it without your support.

We depend on generous donations from people like you to carry on this work. We are entirely run by volunteers. Tell us your interests and passions in volunteering.

What they’re saying

“Restore Mass Ave is a pioneering model for how neighborhoods can mobilize to conserve and expand their tree canopy.”
– Mark Buscaino, Executive Director, Casey Trees

“A wonderful organization.”
– Melanie Choukas-Bradley author of “City of Trees,” Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU 88.5 FM

Be a model for grassroots greening

Education & Outreach

  • Events
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Events outdoors & annual benefit, presentations/seminars

Advance our historic landscape campaign

  • Launch our illustrated brochure, A Grand Avenue Revival: Massachusetts Avenue Landscape History and Design Guide
  • Create and distribute historic education materials
  • Events & seminars
  • Professional landscape advice
  • Tour signage & audio

Grow a full tree canopy on Embassy Row

Tree Planting

  • Co-payment for selected new trees

Tree Care

  • Nourish and protect at-risk trees, mainly trees in sidewalks, through watering, weeding, mulching and more
  • Professional services, such as pruning

RMA Treekeeper volunteers who care for trees

  • Outreach with volunteers
  • Group service projects
  • Replenishing tools and supplies