Our Green Community

Participants List

Below are participating Property Owners and Foreign Missions who do one or more:

  • Provide sustained care of sidewalk street trees
  • Add new, appropriate trees in the “parking” between sidewalk and buildings,
  • Improve shrubs and plantings in the “parking” to create elegant views,
  • Protect and extend the urban forest around buildings,
  • Carry out construction (such as paving) that retains or expands green space and thoroughly protects trees.

2500 Mass Ave Apts

2540 Mass Ave Apts

Algeria Embassy (Annex)

Apostolic Nunciature

Henry and Natalie Armour

Belize Embassy

Faso Burkina

Hon. Michael Butler

Cameroon Embassy

Chad Embassy

Society of Cincinnati

Cosmos Club

Costa Rica Embassy (Residence)

Cote d’Ivoire Embassy

Cyprus Embassy

Embassy Circle Guest House

Finland Embassy

Georgia Embassy

Great Britain Embassy

Greece Embassy

Greece (Military)

Guatemala Embassy

Robert and Mary Haft

Haiti Embassy

Maxwell and Jill Howell

Hungarian Reformed Federation of America

Indonesia Embassy

Ireland Embassy

Islamic Center of Washington

Italy Embassy

Cliff and Barbara Janey

Japan Embassy

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

Korea Embassy (Consulate)

Korea (Embassy)

Korus House

Kuwait America Foundation

Latvia Embassy

Lesotho Embassy

David Levy and Carole Feld

Luxembourg Embassy

US Naval Observatory

Patrick and Kim Nettles

Norway Embassy

Pakistan (Annex) Embassy

Paley Foundation

Paraguay Embassy


Phillips & Cohen

Church of the Pilgrims

PNC Bank

Keith Powell

Lois Rice

Michael and Debbie Rider

Sylvia Ripley

Romania Embassy

Slovenia Embassy

State House Apts

Togo Embassy

Turkey Embassy (Military)

Turkey Embassy (Residence)

Turkmenistan Embassy

The Urban Alliance

Venezuela Embassy (Residence)

Zambia Embassy