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10th Birthday Blowout at Embassy of Haiti

Restore Mass Ave celebrates 2 milestones at the Embassy of Haiti

First we thanked those who make our work possible – 75 donors, volunteers, Board members, expert advisors. What a venue! The grand staircase showcased art from Galerie Morinn in Port-au-Prince. In the beautiful main rooms, the crowd was cheered by Magalie Pradel’s fare, birthday cake, and a tree-themed Haitian drink.

In remarks, Ambassador Paul G. Altidor said his Embassy’s renovation was partly inspired by Restore Mass Ave’s revival of the surrounding landscape. RMA Founder and President Deborah Shapley recalled RMA’s early days dragging hoses from the Embassy to water local trees; these are now thriving – like RMA.

Secondly, we announced that satellite imagery shows that tree canopy has grown by an amazing 13.2 %  in ten years in the area where RMA has been planting protecting and nurturing trees. Another great reason to celebrate!

Guests at the Restore Mass Avenue Tenth Birthday Bash at the Embassy of Haiti

Photos by Embassy of Haiti unless otherwise noted.

Amb Altidor and Ms. Shapley will now –

Amb Altidor and Ms. Shapley will now –

logo, Graphic Design USA, Gill Fishman Associates, Restore Mass Ave

RMA’s prizewinning logo
in cake format

Bobbie Brewster, Amb. Altidor, Nelle Goen, Nancy Folger

Bobbie Brewster, Amb. Altidor, Nelle Goen, Nancy Folger (Photo: Carole Feld)


Marty Scherr (RMA Board), Jeanne Connelly, Bob Heggestad. (Photo: Carole Feld)


John & Ingola Hodges, Chris Chapin (Photo: Mary Bird/Georgetowner)

Nora & Chris Hohenlohe

Nora & Chris Hohenlohe (Photo: Mary Bird/Georgetowner)

Welcoming guests to the RMA Birthday Bash at the Haitian Embassy

Welcoming early guests

Caterer Magale Pradel offered delicacies.

Light fare from chef Magalie Pradel in the dining room

Guy Williams (DCA Landscape Architects) with Lindsey K. Larson of our Board

Guy Williams (DCA Landscape), Lindsey K. Larson (RMA Board) (Photo: Carole Feld)

Rebecca Stack, Mary Bird (Georgetowner), John Anthony Clary Umberger (RMA Treekeeper)

Rebecca Stack, Mary Bird, John AC Umberger (RMA Treekeeper)

Mark Buscaino, Executive Director of Casey Trees, with Jeanne Connelly, Amb. Altidor and Holli Howard (RMA Map Associate)

Mark Buscaino (Casey Trees), Jeanne Connelly, Amb. Altidor, Holli Howard (RMA Map Associate)

Magalie Pradel who catered the party with Audrey Nevitt of RMA.

Magalie Pradel, Caterer, Audrey Nevitt (RMA Associate)

Consular entrance walkway and murals, Embassy of Haiti Washington DC

We exit via the side walkway from the renovated “Jardins de l’Ambassade” in the rear.