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2015 Benefit Hosted by Netherlands Ambassador

The Netherlands Ambassador, H.E. Rudolph Bekink, and Mrs. Gabrielle de Kuyper Bekink hosted a cocktail reception to honor Restore Mass Ave at the Ambassadorial Residence on May 7.  Their stunning, Renaissance-style mansion overlooks S and 24th Streets and the federal triangle park on Massachusetts Avenue dedicated to Irish patriot Robert Emmet.Bekink Benefit _jf 5621_Hala1

The event was covered in Washington Life and The Georgetowner. Photo gallery is below.

Special thanks go to John Peters Irelan, Benefit Chairman, who did so much to make it a huge success.  Those who came donated; so did others who could not attend, as it was a busy May evening.  Key supporters:

Honorary Arborists ($1,000)

Robert & Ellen Bennett    Mrs. Eugene B. Casey

Bobbie Brewster    Robert & Mary Haft

Tree Planters ($500)

Sanders & Sally Berk        Marcia Mayo

Melinda Bieber & Norman Pozez        Kim & Patrick Nettles

Bonnie & Louis Cohen        Dan & Irina Rapoport

Carole Feld & David C. Levy        Delores E. Wolf

C. Boyden Gray        John & Jeanett Yonemoto

Photos are Jillian Fishman/RMA unless otherwise noted.

Marcia V Mayo, Brothwell Lee, Bonnie Cohen

Marcia V Mayo, Brothwell Lee, Bonnie Cohen (Photo: Washington Life)

Netherlands Ambassador Rudolf Bekink and Mrs. Bekink

H.E. Rudolf Bekink, Gabrielle De Kuyper Bekink,
hosts (Photo: Washington Life)

John Peters Irelan, Barbara J. Jones

John Peters Irelan, Barbara Jones

Louis Shields, Delores E. Wolf, Bobbie Brewster

Louis Shields, Delores Wolf, Bobbie Brewster (Photo: Washington Life)

Irina Rapoport, Dan Rapoport

Irina and Dan Rapoport (Photo: Washington Life)

2015 Benefit - Netherlands Residence landing

Netherlands Residence landing

Ellen Martin, Scott Lurding, Margot Kern, Guy Martin

Ellen Martin, Scott Lurding, Margot Kern, Guy Martin

Guests at Netherlands Residence benefit for RMA

Guests listening to remarks about Restore Mass Ave (Photo: Washington Life)

Robert Thomason, Carole Feld, Robert Heggestad

Robert Thomason, Carole Feld, Robert Heggestad

Lina Cortas, Alex Barnett

Lina Cortas, Alexander Barnett

 Catherine S. May, Roger Cortesi

Catherine May, Roger Cortesi

Gill Fishman, Holly Sukenik, Robert Tarasovich

Gill Fishman, Holly Sukenik, Robert Tarasovich

Cocktail napkins with RMA logo

RMA-themed cocktail napkins

Skip Moskey, Robert Enholm, Victoria J. Brademan

Skip Moskey, Robert Enholm, Victoria Brademan

Betsy Rea, Noel Miller

Betsy Rea, Noel Miller (Photo: Washington Life)

Jon Gossens, Caitlin Philips, RMA Treekeepers

Jon Gossens, Caitlin Philips

 2013 Benefit

Our April, 2013 Benefit was hosted by Her Excellency Muni Figueres, Ambassador of Costa Rica, at her elegant Residence at 2324 Massachusetts Avenue.  This event was helped by our first-ever Benefit Committee and two corporate sponsors. See coverage in Washington Life.

2013 Benefit Committee

Darryl W. Carter        Patrick & Kim Nettles

Nancy M. Folger & Sidney Werkman       Sylvia Ripley & Chris Addison

John Peters Irelan       Mark J. Scott

Hugh Newell Jacobsen & Simon Jacobsen       John & Jeanett Yonemoto

2013 Sponsors

Alex Venditti / Sotheby’s International Realty    The Northern Trust Company