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Donate To Save Embassy Row Trees

Thanks to individual donors and partners, we have been visibly “greening” Embassy Row. We need your added support to address important new needs!

Big challenges in 2018

  • The city will tear up streets and sidewalk along Embassy Row, threatening our rows of trees! DC Department of Transportation will proceed with the “Massachusetts Avenue Rehabilitation Plan” – MARP – in 2018-2019. RMA must respond with professional advice and grass-roots meetings to get this plan changed, if it is needed. Here is our MARP RMA Position Paper 1-8-18, which is also on Our PDFs.
  • Dupont Tree Plaza Our campaign is advancing for 11 new trees in the bare sidewalk by the bank at Dupont Circle. We need expert assistance to get the city to build this new shady plaza which will benefit all of DC.
  • Trees still suffer We need a tank-trailer to water “orphan” trees and the new Sheridan Circle median strip landscaping.

Your donation can provide

  • $1,500: Tank-trailer to water “orphan” trees and street landscape
  • $300: One new tree
  • $100: Green education event

Milestones in 2017

  • Tree canopy grew a whopping 13% on the route where we’ve planted & cared for trees over 10 years.
  • Our 10th birthday reception, hosted by the Embassy of Haiti, helped us reach out to new friends.
  • New Rose Park was planted in big median strip by Sheridan Circle. Story here.
  • National Park Service will plant American linden, the original species, in Sheridan Circle. NPS also lit up the fine statue of Robert Emmet at Mass & S St.

Besides rows of healthy trees, we’re creating bonds of shared values among those who now plant and sustain our emerging Grand Avenue landscape.

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To mail your contribution use our printable form and send with your check to Restore Mass Ave, 2500 Massachusetts Avenue NW, #6, Washington DC, 20008.

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